Love is actions for the future
– therefore all Metsola’s operating methods are ecological and sustainable

Metsola's stunning colours, graphic cuts and patterns create an identifiable brand, and over the years its clothes have become valued and desired collectables on the shelves of quality-conscious families. Metsola produces its products as local manufacturing using organic cotton, and a long-life and durable garment is created as a result of careful design. We want to take care of the most important things around us: the nature of our four seasons, which is both strong and sensitive at the same time. We want our children to enjoy nature’s seasonally changing beauty, now and always. Because love is actions for the future.

The production methods and processes of our cotton fabrics are constantly developed towards being more ecological and sustainable. Metsola is continuously seeking partners, who pay attention to the environmental friendliness of production processes and aim for the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as develop new, modern methods of producing materials for the clothing industry. The use of organic cotton and ethical manufacturing methods alone do not however make a garment ecological. Therefore, we encourage our customers to recycle clothes to new users! The more children use the products, the more ecological and the longer the garment’s life cycle is. More and more recycled materials are used in our products every year.

It is important to us where our products are manufactured

All of Metsola’s clothes and collections are designed in Finland and sewn in Baltic countries under carefully considered and reviewed working conditions. The products are drawn out, cut, sewn and knit in Estonia, Latvia and Poland. We value the skills and expertise of our long-term partners very much. We regularly supervise the quality and working conditions at the factories. Our objective is a sustainable and well-made European product as well as appropriate and good working conditions.

Our manufacturing countries are: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Portugal.

Metsola products meet all Oeko-Tex product safety characteristics

Oeko-Tex is an international product safety certification system. The certification guarantees customers that no residues of harmful substances, heavy metals or formaldehyde have been used in the product. The requirements are the strictest with the certification of the highest class (1st class). This class includes products which are in skin contact – such as children's clothing, bed linen and towels.

Our common legislation in the EU area monitors the implementation of product safety.

Metsola only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton threads in the production of its own products

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an is an internationally recognised organic textile standard. The material used in the product can be traced to its origin. Production in accordance with the standard also involves criteria concerning social and environmental responsibilities.

Metsola – sustainable and ecological!