Materials and Guidelines


Metsola products are made to last. We do our best to guarantee the quality and longevity of our products. We choose our materials very carefully and stand by our values.

The materials used by Metsola have Oeko-Tex certificates. Oeko-Tex is an international safety standard that guarantees that there are no harmful chemical residues in our materials, for example from pesticides, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

Our common legislation within the EU oversees product safety.


Jersey and College fabrics

Our company uses a variety of jersey and college fabrics, all of which are 100% manufactured, knitted and printed locally in the EU.

When washing your purchases, always follow the laundry instructions. Only wash with similar colors and multicolored clothing should be washed according to the lightest shade of the garment. Where possible, turn the item inside out when washing as this will extend the life of the garment. Tumble drying is not recommended. We recommend you re-shape stretchy materials while damp. The recommended washing temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.


Many of our products are made with merino wool. Our merino wool is ethically 100% Mulesing free merino wool. We use wool yarn that has undergone a Superwash process. This process enables the items to be machine washable, which in turn reduces the felting and shrinkage of the wool. The wool also becomes easier to dye and does not itch the skin.

Merino is a stunning natural wool that cleans itself. Excessive washing should be avoided. If required, it can be cleaned by airing and/or wiping stains with a damp cloth. When washing merino wool clothing in water, only use warm or cool water. There are organic detergents available for wool products. Merino wool is very heavy when wet and should therefore be dried on a flat surface to avoid stretching. Merino wool warms in winter and cools in summer – what a unique natural material!

When washing your purchases, always follow the laundry instructions.
When the garment is machine washable, its recommended to use the woollens settings. 

Pom poms

We recommend to remove pom poms before washing the beanies.

Muslin cloths / towels

The muslin cloth fabrics meet Oeko-Tex product safety standards and they are made from organic cotton yarns.

Accessories and labels

All our supplies (yarns, labels, ribbons, buttons, etc.) are sourced from our longstanding and reliable locally-based partners. All our supplies are manufactured either in Finland or within the EU. All accessories are safe and Oeko-Tex certified. We only use imitation leather in our labels and our ”fur tufts” are made from either faux fur or natural fiber.

REACH regulation on chemicals

Environmental legislation and impacts are taken into account in the choice of raw materials and chemicals as well as in Metsola's working methods. Our suppliers are obliged to comply with REACH, the EU Chemicals Regulation. The aim of the REACH Chemicals Regulation is to ensure a high level of environmental and human health protection while at the same time increasing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry through high safety standards and promotion of product development. REACH obligates the industry to provide greater risk management of chemicals and to provide safety information throughout the supply chain.