Metsola Story

Metsola’s story starts from love and care
– and the passion to design sustainable and beautiful clothes continues to blossom

Metsola was established in 2007 and it is one of the oldest Finnish clothing brands for children. The Brand originated from a nostalgic retro boom and launched bold colors and patterns to bring joy to Finnish families with children. Metsola's style has grown over the years and changed shape but remained recognizable and personal. Surprising collections, wild patterns, cute frills, and playful bear ears reflect Metsola perfectly.

Metsola got its new owner in January 2021 from the domestic family company SGN Group Oy. Most of the revenue of the group founded in 1933 comes from Finland but it also has significant business for example in Sweden and Baltics. SGN Group industries include motor sports, sports and leisure, consumer products, agricultural and machine trade, and industrial equipment. The group’s headquarters are in Vantaa.

Love is the act of the future
– that is why all Metsola's procedures are ecological and sustainable

The dashing colors of Metsola, graphic cuts and patterns create a recognizable brand that's clothes have grown respected and wanted over the years in quality conscious families’ wardrobe. Metsola produces its clothes mainly in EU area from organic natural materials, and due to careful designing results in a garment that has a long life, and it copes consumption. We want to take close care of the things surrounding us: four seasons nature, that is both strong and sensitive at the same time. We want our children to be able to enjoy the changing seasons and its beauty for now and in the future. Because love is the act of the future.

The manufacturing methods and processes of our cotton fabrics are constantly being developed in a more ecological and sustainable direction. The use of recycled materials in our products is growing every year. Metsola is constantly looking for partners that pay attention to the environmental friendliness of production processes, aim to the sustainable use of the natural resources, and develop new modern ways to produce materials to clothing industry. Only the use or organic cotton and ethical manufacturing methods doesn’t make the clothes ecological. That is why we encourage our customers to recycle the clothes for new users! The more children use the products, the more ecological and longer life cycle the clothes have.

Behind the successful children's clothing brand there is a strong team, huge expertise, and limitless wild creativity!

Over the years Metsola clothes have become loved and wanted treasures. The word of Finnish quality and purity has reached over the Finnish borders and the focus of our passionate team is on foreign markets. Along with doing together and taking responsibility of the surrounding nature we believe to achieve a lot.

Lots of love, the Metsola team