Metsola Story

Metsola’s story starts from love and care
– and the passion to design sustainable and beautiful clothes continues to blossom

Metsola was established in 2007 and it is one of the oldest Finnish clothing brands for children. Metsola’s founder and creative mastermind Sanna Paakki was inspired to design clothes, when she became a mother. At the time, there were only a few Finnish manufacturers of children’s clothing, and not much attention was yet paid on ethicalness. Mass production clothes that were produced unethically with cheap labour horrified her and she wanted to ensure that clothes did not contain dangerous chemical residues, which could harm the health of a little human.

While browsing around flea markets, Sanna found a pair of vintage terry cloth trousers, and she was thrilled by the durability of the material and the nostalgia familiar from photos. More of these were needed – but where from? Sanna found a manufacturer of terry cloth in Finland, dug out a fabric-making machine from a 30-year layer of dust, and soon – to her husband’s momentary shock – the back-garden terrace filled with huge rolls of fabric that were a couple of metres tall.

These ingredients formed Metsola, which struck the retro boom and brought bold colours and patterns to Finnish families’ children's clothing. Over the years, Metsola's style has developed and changed shape, but it has retained its unique and characteristic self. Wild patterns, simple graphic elements, delicate frills and playful bunny ears.

Nowadays, alongside Sanna, Metsola is developed by Riina Pulkkinen, and as a team they create ideas, dream, add and pick out new collections. Just like the nature around us, Metsola lives and develops while the wild powers of creation thunder in the background. And this always results in something incredibly beautiful. Are you looking forward to our next collection?

We are! :)
Lots of love, the Metsola team